The following home-based business opportunities I am recommending are companies I have been affiliated with and I can personally recommend them. Again if you are new to the Home-based industry I would recommend you only choose one of them because in order to earn a substantial income you need to focus on one business at a time. Why do I say this? Because people will join you because they believe in you and if they see that you are involved in many opportunities where will they believe your main focus is at.

Opportunity #1

PM-International is a German company that is number one in Europe! All of their products are manufactured by PMI and Germany only allows safe ingredients nothing is GMO. The company just recently opened in the United States, Canada and Mexico. And In Asia they are approved in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Thailand and Cambodia and India are opening shortly. PMI is a 23 year old company and this is truly a ground floor opportunity for the above countries. Join us in the exciting opportunity!

Minimum Entry Fee: $99.00
Compensation Plan: Uni-level with 6 different streams of income
Products: Patented products for Health, Fitness and Beauty.
Training: Yes

Opportunity #2

Founded: 2010
Based out of California, USA

A powerful natural supplement, Laminine is gaining more and more popularity. Its nutritional value and qualities are unsurpassed, which is one of the reasons why Laminine has come to fame so quickly. The company was founded in 2010 and what makes this an incredible opportunity is when people try it they continue to buy every month and it is very affordable. I have been involved with this company since 2011 and have an organization in the USA, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

Minimum Entry Fee: $136.00
Compensation Plan: Binary, matrix and bonuses
Products: Immune enhancement
Training: Yes