Since 1989, Mike Braden has worked full-time in network marketing. In this time, he has had the honor of working with multiple companies, including Lifepharm, AlkaViva, and Visi, and has earned a 7-figure income. Most recently, Mike Braden has worked hard to become Visi’s Top Leader in Southeast Asia and is one of the top leaders in the company. By prioritizing communication, hard work, and relationships, Mike has built a reputation for himself not only in network marketing and at Visi, but with all the people he has helped mentor.

Listen to Mike talk to the founder & CEO of Visi about his success and his leadership in Southeast Asia: Read More 

Network marketing consulting & your success

Mike has been working on the consulting side of network marketing for years, and he is consistently blown away by what people can do when they harness their own potential and take control of their lives. He watches people pay off their debts, have more time with their families, experience financial freedom, and reach goals that they never dreamed of. When Mike works with people, he encourages them to not get caught up with recruiting. Network marketing isn’t just about recruiting; it’s about relationships. This is a people industry, and he teaches people to keep the business about people.

In the training and guidance that Mike will provide and encourage, you will learn how to do what Mike has done over the last 30-some years, and you will be given the tools to go out and do it better. He firmly believes in showing what you’re doing and doing what your showing–leading by example. Mike teaches people how he achieved his success and gives them the tools to do it themselves.

You can build your own home-based business and work on your own time and on your own terms. Between partnerships, leadership trainings, and being committed to constantly bettering yourself, Mike will help you become the successful business leader you know you can be.

“I’ve always enjoyed watching people succeed. I enjoy watching people’s enthusiasm and excitement for being able to spend more time with their families and pay off their debt. I just love watching people succeed.”

If you’re ready to take the next step and start living your life on your own terms, call Mike Braden today at 737.234.0092.